Online and Evening Classes

Trinity Baptist College’s Online and Evening Division allows you to take college courses at a more convenient time for your busy schedule.

Courses may be taken for credit in pursuit of a degree or for personal benefit. Individuals desiring the benefit of instruction but without the credit may choose to audit classes. Students auditing courses are not required to complete tests or major projects but still benefit from the instruction.

Current Students: Contact your Faculty Adviser in the Academic Office to add courses to your schedule.

New Students: Contact Enrollment Management at (904) 596-2451.

Textbooks may be purchased from our virtual bookstore beginning 4 weeks prior to classes beginning.  A complete list of courses and required books is available here.

See the college catalog for a complete listing of degree requirements, refund policy, and other important information.

Degree-seeking students may qualify for financial aid; for more information, call Mark Elkins at (904) 596-2445.

Upcoming Courses:

Summer Online Courses

Session A - 5/12 - 7/6
BIB102    New Testament Survey (3) - Christmas
BIB201    Bible Doctrines I (3) - Everist
BIB414    General Epistles (3) - Williams
ENG102    English Composition II (3) - R. Hozey
ENG201    British Literature (3) - Beemer
PSY102    General Psychology (3) - C. Buckner
HIS101    Hiatory if Civilization (3) - K. Hozey

Session B - 6/23 - 8/17
BIB101    Old Testament Survey (3) - Stanley
BIB202    Bible Doctrines II (3) - Everist
BIB308    Bible Basis for Marriage and Family (3) - J. Buckner
CED105    Personal Evangelism (3) - Warren
COM103    Speech (3) - Beemer
ENG202    American Literature (3) - R. Hozey
ENG204    Effective Writing (3) - R. Hozey
MUS104    Appreciation of Fine Arts (3) - Crawford
HIS102    History of Civilation II (3) - K Hozey


Fall Evening Courses

BIB103    Bible Geography (2) - Thompson - T 7-8:50pm
COU311    Crisis Counseling (3) - Buckner - T 7-9:50pm
SEC103    Computer Applications (2) - Berger - T 7-8:40pm

Fall Online Courses

Session A - 8/25 - 10/19
BIB101    Old Testament Survey (3) - Stanley
BIB206    Johannine Writings (3) - Everist
BIB312    Personal Evangelism (2) - Warren
CED107    Student Life Seminar (1) - Department
CED316    Baptist History (2) - Williams
ENG201    British Literature (3) - Department

Session B - 10/20 - 12/14
BIB104    Life of Christ (2) - Christmas
BIB202    Bible Doctrines II (3) - Everist
BIB302    Pauline Epistles (3) - Warren
CED115    Biblical Leadership (2) - Stanley
ENG101    English Composition I (3) - R. Hozey
HIS102    History of Civilization I (3) - K. Hozey

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