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The College must have two reference letters on file prior to acceptance into the program. Reference letters should be sent to the attention of the Graduate Office. (Address listed at the bottom of the form) Please list the names, positions, phone numbers, and addresses of the people you have asked to recommend you (one should speak to your spiritual qualification and one to your professional qualification).

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How did you hear about the Graduate Program at Trinity Baptist College?
  • I have read the catalog and will abide by rules and procedures in force during my enrollment period
  • I have requested that official transcripts be sent to Trinity Baptist College from a bachelor’s degree-awarding institution and official transcripts for any graduate level courses taken.
  • Contacted at least two references who have agreed to complete a letter of recommendation.
  • I have read and I agree to the doctrinal statement in the Catalog.
  • I have completed this application form to the best of my knowledge.
Write an essay to describe your professional, educational, and spiritual goals, your reasons for pursuing a graduate degree, and how the degree may enhance your service to the Lord. Please use approximately 500 to 750 words.