Prospective/Transfer Students

  • When: Student Summit April 4, 2013
  • Where: E-Theatre in the E building
  • Time: During After Hours (times will be assigned when you register)
  • Sign Up: Sign-up sheets will be available at the Ministry Team’s Audition Table at registration for Summit. If you cannot attend Student Summit, you may audition through video. Only vocal auditions will be held during Student Summit. The Department of
  • Ministry Teams will accept resumes for the Road Manager position, but will not be conducting any formal interviews. If you are interested in this position, submit your resume and audition form at the audition table or email it to the Department at

You cannot sign up for an audition over the phone.

Audition Guidelines

Vocal Auditions:

  • Prepare 1 a cappella song that highlights your vocal strengths and range. You may or may not be able to sing your song in its entirety. You may also be asked to sing scales and harmonies.
  • Choose a song from a Christian genre (contemporary, worship, hymn, gospel, etc.)
  • Incorporate good stage presence. In addition to being evaluated on pitch, tone, and technique, you will also be evaluated on appearance and presentation.
  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes early to complete check-in.
  • Current students need to pick up an audition packet at the Department of Ministry Teams Office.

Road Manager

This person must demonstrate sufficient musical, technical, and leadership ability to be considered. The applicant will need to provide a resume or technical experience and leadership opportunities. The applicant will need to be prepared to be interviewed and demonstrate his technical abilities. (The department prefers the applicant be over 21 but will receive applications from persons not meeting this requirement). The road manager also serves as the team’s sound technician, driver, and travel/equipment coordinator. (Current students need to pick up an audition packet at the Department of Ministry Teams Office.)