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New Student Orientation and Registration

Student Orientation And Registration (SOAR) 2014 is your opportunity to jump into college life and avoid the rush at the beginning of the fall semester. During SOAR 2014, you will complete registration activities so that when college starts in August you can focus on getting off to a great start! You’ll be able to get all of your questions answered, including class schedules, books, financial aid, residence hall life, and anything else you can think of! Don’t miss SOAR 2014.

Dates: June 13, July 11, and July 18.
Time: 8:30-130 p.m.

8:30 – WELCOME – Closs 302

-Introduction of Personnel
-Overview of Schedule for the Day
-Receive Student Handbooks
-Questions and Answers

9:00 - PARENT MEETING – Closs 302

Students rotate by groups through the following activities until noon:

STUDENT EVALUATION - All Students complete the following exams
(Exams do not all have to be completed in one sitting)
- English Placement Test - Library
- Reading - Library
- Math Placement Test - Library
- Keyboarding - Required for all Office Administration Majors - (H-15)
- SEC103 Computer Applications - Optional for all students - (H-15)
Successful completion allows you to waive SEC103


TRANSFER STUDENT QUESTIONS - see registrar in the Welcome Center

STUDENT LIFE – H Quad (H-19)
- ID Pictures Taken
- Vehicle Registration
- Registration for On-campus Meal Plan
- Assignment of On-campus Mailboxes
- Student Assessment Survey
- Talent Survey

9:30 music Theory/Music Auditions (S-13)
- Required for all students majoring in music or desiring to take music lessons or Chamber Ensemble

11:30-1:00 - LUNCH – Dining C (Come and go as needed)

(Must have completed testing/placements/auditions)

- Financial Aid counseling open
Be certain to finish registration at the Business Office in the F-Building
- Visit Residence Hall rooms when completed.

*New, incoming students who do not participate in SOAR on either June 13, July 11, or July 18 may participate in normal registration activities August 22-23.

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