Trinity Baptist College and Word of Life Bible Institute have enjoyed a unique connection over the years. By accepting 100% of your Word of Life credits and providing exclusive scholarship opportunities, we are committed to making your transition from Word of Life to Trinity Baptist College a seamless and pleasant experience.

With our similar teaching philosophy and biblical stance, the culture you love at Word of Life can also be found on our campus.  TBC’s close-knit environment is an ideal place to continue your higher education while also prioritizing your spiritual growth.  Our student to teacher ratio is about 13:1, enabling personal interaction and mentoring with professors who really care.

Additionally, you will enjoy familiar faces by connecting with other Word of Life graduates, hearing from familiar speakers and teachers from your Word of Life experience, and continuing friendships that were started at WOL.

As a transfer student to TBC you can expect:

  • Expedited application process
  • Waiver of $35 application fee
  • TBC offers exclusive scholarship opportunities to Word of Life transfer students. Apply today to learn more!
  • 100% acceptance of completed credits from Word of Life (both first and second years!)
  • Online and residential options available

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Trinity Baptist College

800 Hammond Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32221
  • (904) 596-2451

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Trinity Baptist College has been approved to participate in the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements

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