10 Ways TBC Maintains a Safe Campus

img_912228129Safety is always important – no matter what you do or where you go.

Here at Trinity Baptist College we not only understand that, but we make it a priority to make our campus a safe, secure, and comfortable environment for students. We go the extra mile to make this campus a place where students can focus on their studies and their personal growth and not be hampered by safety concerns.

So what does that look like?  What measures does TBC employ to keep the campus a comfortable, friendly environment that still keeps a watchful eye?

  • 24-hour in-house security which includes over 150 surveillance cameras; TBC’s Director of Security is a reservist in the sheriff’s department.
  • 24-hour JSO (Jacksonville Sherriff’s Office) stop station on campus – this means there is a high and nearly constant police officer presence on campus
  • Regularly scheduled safety inspections of buildings and codes
  • Annual reporting in conjunction with the JSO*
  • Internal processes set up for efficient communication of alerts and drills
  • Implementation of restricted ID key-card access to academic buildings and dormitories
  • Intercom and video-call systems installed at key entry points to academic buildings
  • Strict campus-wide policy of no drugs, no alcohol, no tobacco
  • Enforcement of our Standard of Conduct as outlined in our Student Success Guide
  • Multiple buildings on campus double as actual shelters (they are built like tanks and are a safe place to camp out in bad weather)
  • RA’s are CPR certified and receive ongoing training on dealing with mediation, confrontation, and crisis situations. This includes (but is not limited to) Clery Act/CSA** training and emergency response training.

In addition to actual processes, training, and physical methods of maintaining the security of our campus, our student body, faculty, staff, and administration increase our campus safety themselves simply by their influence in everyday campus life.

  • Student Leaders receive ongoing personal leadership training. This builds a network of spiritually-minded individuals who look out for the well-being of their fellow classmates.
  • Our 12:1 student/faculty ratio promotes a family atmosphere. This allows for individual mentorship to happen naturally.
  • Our close-knit student body means students know each other and any unusual or suspicious behavior is easily spotted.
  • Weekly chapels where the entire student body gathers together emphasize spiritual growth and maturity – this alone encourages a high moral standard.

We are thankful to have a team of faculty and staff who care about the physical and spiritual well-being of our students.  This level of concern makes an undeniable impact on the overall environment of our campus.


*TBC completes and submits an Annual Security Report and Annual Fire Safety Report to the Department of Education as mandated by the Clery Act.  The reporting is done in conjunction with the JSO.  To view the most recent copy of the safety report, click here.

**Campus Security Authority

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