Introducing TBC’s theme: Thrive

TBC’s theme for the 2021-22 academic year is “Thrive”!

Student leaders choose and develop the theme over the summer months.  The theme is then woven into their team building and training sessions, but it also serves as a prayer guide of sorts as we move through the year.  It reminds us of the goals we have set and the specific ways we can support each other.

Frustration, worry, and anger have dominated human emotions over the past 12-18 months.  To counter the effects of this pervasive negative environment we must work for and practice thriving.

To thrive is “to grow vigorously”.   It is the end result of planting, nurturing, and growing.  It is so much more than just living or surviving!  Thriving individuals are developing and energized as opposed to being stagnated or depleted.

But what does it take to thrive?

After all, it isn’t just a mind game.  We cannot simply implement positive thinking and expect to thrive as a result.  Practicing positive thinking is a great tool that can reap many benefits, but on its own it does not lead to vigorous growth.

Thriving is a result of setting up a spiritually, mentally, and physically sustainable life.

As Christ followers we thrive as we daily delight in God’s grace and exhibit the same grace to others that God has demonstrated to us!

There is so much that is wrapped up in the concept of thriving.  Here we offer three very simple, practical ways students can implement healthy habits into their life.  These habits can go a long way to building a sustainable, vibrant, thriving life!

  • Spiritually: This is key.  Setting aside time each day to purposefully meet with God should be your priority.  If you have never done this before, start small.  Five minutes each day is a good starting point. Pick a time when you’re most likely to be awake and away from distractions.  Read a chapter from Proverbs and allow what you read to settle into your heart – and use that chapter as the context for your prayer that day.
  • Mentally: Be aware of your thought patterns and who/what you allow to most influence your thoughts. You will be influenced – there is no getting around that fact.  So make sure you pick your influences wisely and seek help when you need it.  Use critical thinking when listening to advice, conversing with peers, and making decisions.
  • Physically: Move and get some fresh air each day! If you are on an athletic team, movement is already part of your daily routine. Awesome!  For the rest of us it might take some effort and self-discipline to incorporate physical exercise into our lifestyle.  Do it! It does wonders for you physically and mentally.  S. Be sure to keep that water bottle close by and use it often!

In these times we are very aware of our physical health and wellness.

It is easy to become fixated on strengthening one aspect of our life while overlooking the rest.  Let’s not forget to care for our mental and spiritual health as well!

As Christ followers we thrive as we daily delight in God’s grace and exhibit the same grace to others that God has demonstrated to us.

Students: we are praying for you and are rooting for you!

As you set out with the goal to thrive this semester, we invite you to encourage others by sharing your progress and tips you use to grow spiritually, physically, and mentally!  Please use #THRIVEtbc when you share on social.

Parents: we know these are challenging times.

Thank you for trusting us with your students – we do not take the honor for granted.  We pray that you will thrive during this season as well!

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