Alumni Spotlight: Dan and Deniece Proctor

LRM_EXPORT_27371868295647_20190809_140629011 (1)Dan (’89) and Deniece (’87) Proctor have invested their lives into Crossroads Church in Daytona Beach.  In fact, 2019 marks their 30th anniversary of faithful service at Crossroads!

A native of Missouri, Dan came to TBC as a new Christian.  It was of his own initiative that he found TBC in his search for a Christian college.  He enrolled in 1985, uncertain of what to expect.

He quickly found a place to serve in the bus ministry – and wouldn’t you know it, a beautiful secondary education major from Michigan by the name of Deniece Webster was working on the same bus!  It wasn’t long before their acquaintance evolved into dating.  Dan and Deniece were married soon after her graduation in 1987.

Bible classes and preaching were a new world to Dan. With so much information coming at him so fast, he felt a bit overwhelmed at times, but it pushed him to grow spiritually in ways that may not have happened otherwise.  “I came to Trinity as a new Christian and didn’t know much.  Tom Messer was a professor back then and he taught Homiletics… the class taught me so much about studying the Bible. It was life-changing for me.  In hindsight, it shaped my life!”

Every TBC student has funny college stories and the Proctors are no exception!  From spilling an entire tray of full communion cups on Deniece in the middle of church to a confusing case of mixed up keys that resulted in accidental car theft (no worries – everyone got their own car back by the end of the night) they experienced all the classic tales of hilarity and woe that befall the typical Christian college student.

In 1989, Dan and Deniece moved to Daytona where he served as Assistant Pastor at Crossroads.  Five years later he was voted in as Senior Pastor and that is where they continue to serve the people of Daytona Beach together.  They now have three grown children and two grandchildren.

The church continues to grow with three services each Sunday and they are considering a fourth service hour to accommodate the crowd.  The church recently finished construction on a new Connections Building which houses an indoor playground and coffee house.  The area is open to the public and it is their prayer that this will be an effective way to reach their immediate community with the gospel.

Would you pray for Crossroads Church this Christmas season?  They are gearing up for one of their biggest outreach events of the year: Walk Through Bethlehem.  This annual community event serves over 10,000 people from their area every year, with hundreds of church volunteers participating in everything from building the outdoor set (the town of Bethlehem) to acting out the parts of the villagers, decorating, and sharing the gospel with each individual who comes by to enjoy the event.  Please pray for this time of concentrated evangelism in Daytona this Christmas.

If you would like to visit the event yourself, the dates are set for December 13-15 and 19-22.  Read more on the event page:

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