Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Kyle Brooks

We are excited to announce alumnus Dr. Kyle Brooks as a new member of the TBCOnline faculty! 

Kyle was one of our first Interdisciplinary and TBCOnline graduates back in 2012.  

Some of us take our time earning our undergrad degree, then slowly tackle a masters, and — if we’re ambitious – inch through a doctoral program.  Then there are individuals like Kyle Brooks who finish all of that and then some before their 30th birthday.

Kyle grew up in a Christian home in California.  At the age of 14 he understood his need for a savior and became a believer himself. 

He was a bright kid with goals.  Lots of goals.

By the summer of 2010, at the age of 19, Kyle was in the army reserves and had earned over 100 college credits in a broad range of studies including Spanish, psychology, medicine, theology, and ministry courses. With this variety in his education background, he began looking for an accredited college that offered a bachelor’s degree into which he could transfer as many credits as possible.

At the time, TBC had just launched the Interdisciplinary Program.  This program, coupled with TBC’s status as a GI-friendly college, fit perfectly with his plans:  

“I wanted to be able to commission in the military and that required an accredited degree, and I also knew I wanted my masters and a doctorate…  I came in with quite a few credits from my time in the military and my studies at my previous college.  A lot of your lower-level electives were on the list. My transcript looked so random!  But I took credits to fill in the gaps where I needed them and it turned out really well for me.  It was very much a jig-sawed Interdisciplinary degree.” 

With the exception of two on-campus intensives, Kyle was able to complete his Interdisciplinary degree online from his home in GA.  In fact, Kyle is our first TBCOnline and Interdisciplinary graduate! 

After graduating from Trinity, Kyle lost no time in earning an MBA in International Business from Liberty University and his DBA in Strategy and Innovation from Capella.  

While thriving in his educational career, Kyle maintained a successful business career as well. His consistent work ethic has paved the way to a high managerial position in the automotive industry.  He is currently Manager of Customer Care at CDK GLOBAL/ELEAD were he leads a team of 40 professionals and works with executive leadership and company stakeholders.

With his many interests, it is not surprising that he is a strong proponent of bi-vocational work and ministry.

“It’s always been a personal goal of mine to earn a doctorate.  Early on, I wasn’t sure what I wanted it to be in. But I knew I wanted the terminal degree and to be able to teach part-time.  I have always appreciated my part-time instructors who were also in business. I strongly believe in bi-vocational ministry.  You specialize in a certain area and then you use those gifts as the Lord enables you to use them to help others. Students need to know that that they can be passionate about their career and ministry, their career and the military, or their career and community service.”

Looking back over his accomplishments so far (at age 29), Kyle laughingly describes his life-plan this way:

“The goal was to keep my momentum early on, so that as I was moving into my more professional seasoned years in business I wouldn’t be waiting on that degree or certification or that life experience.  It was all very intentional to burn myself out in my early 20’s!”

But he doesn’t seem to have burned out yet. 

He keeps adding more boxes to his check-list of accomplishments.  One of those check boxes is writing and contributing to the business world. 

“I’ve started drafting a book on professionalism and growth in your 20’s.  I want to be involved in the business research and application community.  I don’t want to be constantly writing research articles, but I do want to continue to add information to the pool of business knowledge.”

In 2018 Kyle commissioned to Military Intelligence Officer, and he has become very involved in non-profits. 

The two main non-profit organizations he focuses on are The American Red Cross and Soldiers’ Angels.  Soldiers’ Angels is particularly close to his heart and he is on his second term on their Board of Directors. 

“One of my passions is community service. To be able to blend business expertise with volunteering has been ideal for me.  I’ve gone through a lot of education. Now I’m ready to serve, to become passionate about people again instead of books.”

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Kyle Brooks to TBC, this time as a professor in the TBC business program!  He will begin teaching online courses with us starting this fall. We look forward to having him on staff with us. 

Kyle lives in Valdosta, GA, with his wife, Cristina, and two young sons, Ethan and Aiden.

Dr. Kyle Brooks and family

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