Alumni Spotlight: Joseph Carnley

Joseph Carnely
Joseph Carnley – TBC Commencement 2019

TBC’s most recent graduating class walked in early May and an unlikely candidate found himself among the Pastoral Theology group.

Each alumnus has a unique story.  In christian circles, the term “redemption” is often used in a spiritual sense but this particular story is one of physical as well as spiritual redemption.

Joseph’s childhood was marked with hurt, pain, and rejection.  By early adulthood, he was full of despair and disappointment, with no reason (that he could see) to continue living.  BUT, GOD.

By God’s grace, Joseph found himself at Trinity Rescue Mission (TRM) in downtown Jacksonville.  Within months he went from homeless and suicidal to finding hope through Jesus Christ… and from there, he slowly began to find his purpose in LIFE!

Joseph first heard about TBC through an acquaintance at TRM.  A Christian college that could equip him with a deeper understanding of God and the Bible was a new concept to him!  His friend’s life history and situation was so similar to his own that he couldn’t help but be intrigued.

It wasn’t long before he decided to enroll at TBC as soon as he finished the TRM program.  And he did exactly that!  Joseph lived in transitional housing while he earned his bachelor’s degree at TBC and was struck by the passion he witnessed in his professors as they taught.  He specifically recalls Greg Mann with fondness, “Greg’s passion for missions and the gospel is just… it’s inspiring and gets me fired up.”

Joseph is currently making plans to move to Middleburg to be closer to his family – his online masters work will work well for him during this transition.  He hope to begin ministry work soon and will always be grateful for the mercy of God in directing him to TRM and after that to TBC.  He is blown away by the change in his life.

“The simple fact that God can use a homeless shelter to transform an entire life just astounds me.  It’s amazing!”

While Joseph is excited to have completed phase one of his higher education plans,  he certainly has not wasted any time starting phase two: his masters!  As of August, he is enrolled in the Master of Art in Bible program at TBC and he is determined to earn his Doctorate (phase three!) after completing his masters work.


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