Associate of Arts in Math and Science

TBC is excited to introduce the Associate of Arts in Math and Science! 

STEM education is among the most highly sought after degrees in the marketplace. 

TBC’s Associate in Math and Science degree is designed as an ideal starting point for students with interest in the medical or engineering fields.

Providing students with a solid education in the fundamental aspects of STEM disciplines, the curriculum offers a comprehensive range of courses in mathematics and scientific principles. This approach not only fosters a broad skill set but also empowers students to make informed decisions about their future specialization within STEM.

Key courses include:

17 credit hours in core Mathematics courses, including College Algebra, College Trigonometry, Probability and Statistics, and Calculus I and II.

16 credit hours in Science electives including: General Biology I and II, Physical Science Survey I and II, Physics, and Chemistry I and II.

One of the distinctive features of this program is its integration of a biblical worldview into the curriculum. 

Students are challenged to explore the ethical dimensions of these fields through the lens of their faith.

Through the Associate of Arts in Math and Science, graduates will be equipped with a foundational skill set and a worldview that integrates faith with reason. Students will demonstrate skills in mathematical and quantitative reasoning, develop core competencies in the natural sciences, and demonstrate an understanding of the methodologies of science as investigative tools.

Learn more and apply at!

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