B.S. 3+1 Criminal Justice

TBC’s 3+1 Criminal Justice program is ideal for students who seek a career in law enforcement within a Florida agency

This program allows students to graduate with a 4-year degree in tandem with their required Florida Law Enforcement Academy training. This is realized through TBC’s partnership with Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ).

This program meets a need in the State of Florida, creating an opportunity for students to study Criminal Justice with a biblical worldview, while also meeting state requirements in a time- and budget- conscious program.

The Jacksonville [Florida] Sheriff’s Office and other law enforcement agencies throughout the state of Florida require a four-year college degree to join a force or advance in rank within an administrative unit and requires individuals to complete Florida Law Enforcement Cerficiation in a facility approved by the Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission as a condition for hiring eligibility.

By partnering with FSCJ, TBC can offer FSCJ’s value proposition with the addition of the Christian worldview experience.

TBC will offer the first three years of the program’s courses through in-person, on-campus and online instruction and educational activities on the Jacksonville, FL campus. Participating students will complete their fourth year through in-person, on-campus instruction at the FSCJ training facility.

Students enrolled in the program will be transient students in their fourth year of undergraduate work.

The TBC Registrar’s Office and Criminal Justice faculty will be responsible for mentoring and transitioning eligible students into transient course work at FSCJ.

Key Courses include but are not limited to:

Corrections, Criminal Justice Ethics, Developmental Psychology, Juvenile Delinquency, and Criminology


    • Yes, we certainly have grown and expanded! We are excited about all of the potential within this program.


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