Class of 2020, You Did It!

Class of 2020, what can be said here that has not already been said? 

This year has been a weird one.  No question. 

If you had known at the beginning of this year what was in store, you never would have believed it.

None of us would. If you had known what was ahead would you have been tempted to bow out? Take a break? Find an easier route?

Here we are, at the end of your college journey. Now you can look back through the chaos and see the hand of God as He gave guidance, wisdom, and courage along the way. He didn’t make it easy. He did not exempt you from pain or discomfort. But He did remain faithful.

He helped you face each challenge with enough courage and determination to keep going.

Your spring break started in exclamation points and smiles and ended in question marks and face masks. 

You found reasons to laugh and ways to care for others.

Your carefully selected class schedule was completely switched up with little notice. 

You learned to be flexible.

How to navigate online content, quizzes, and forums.

Your income took a hit. 

You cut expenses and re-evaluated your habits.

Maybe you found another job.

Maybe your job was classified as “essential”.

You kept working amidst mounting assignments, insanity, and stress.

Resident students, you were practically evicted from your home! 

You packed up and found another place to live.

Crashed a couch. Rented a room. Moved back home.

Through all of this – through the changes, through the stress, through the uncertainty – you stuck it out and managed to stay on track.  No doubt there were moments when you felt defeated and overwhelmed.  But you didn’t quit.  And now, look what you have accomplished! 

You have earned the unique distinction of being the TBC class that graduated against all odds.  Not even a pandemic stopped you.

You earned your degree, you finished your course, and we are proud of you!

Plans are in the works to have a graduation ceremony this summer. 

At this time, we are having to plan slowly and take things one day at a time.  As soon as we are able to share details, you will be the first to know! 

We know that graduation without that traditional walk across the stage feels… anticlimactic. So, we are doing everything we can to make that walk a reality for you and your family. We sincerely hope and pray you are able to join us on campus later this year for your belated commencement celebration! 

In the meantime, be proud of the fact that you HAVE graduated, you HAVE achieved your goal, and you DO have a degree! 



P.S. Before you leave, some of our admins wanted to let you know they’re proud of you in their own words. Check out their video below.

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