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To All New and Returning TBC Students:

I pray that your summer is going well and that you are using your time wisely as you prepare for the upcoming fall semester. The administration of TBC has been meeting regularly over the summer and we are continuing to outline plans for a safe reopening of the college campus in August. Our plan is to remain on schedule for the beginning of classes on Monday, August 17. We are also planning to open our residence halls and dining commons for the fall semester.

The administrative team has been working in coordination with Laurel Groff to ensure that best social distancing practices and other CDC guidelines are in place prior to the beginning of the fall semester. Laurel has served for many years as the campus nurse and this past spring was appointed as our campus health director. The following are specific areas that we have been focused on:


The academic office has created a plan that allow for all classes to comply with social distancing guidelines

Food Service:

Our Food Service team has created a plan that will allow for all meals to be served in compliance with social distancing and other applicable CDC guidelines

Residence Halls:

The Student Life department is working to ensure that all applicable CDC guidelines will be followed during both move-in and throughout the semester which includes a plan for quarantine if needed.

In addition, the following procedures/processes have been developed to further ensure your safety as a student.

  • Daily health screening for all faculty/staff/students coming to campus
  • Cleaning of classroom facilities and common areas between classes/events
  • Controlled seating in classrooms/ chapel to ensure social distancing is happening
  • Use of masks for all students/faculty/staff as required by Duval county mandates and CDC guidelines
  • Sanitizing stations throughout the campus at strategic locations

Please pray along with us for the health and well being of our campus community as we prepare to launch a new academic year! We are looking forward to welcoming you to the campus and ask for your patience and cooperation as we work together to maintain a healthy TBC community!

We will keep you updated concerning any changes to the plans outlined above. We know that this is a time of uncertainty, but we are trusting God for wisdom to move forward with confidence.

If there are any questions that I have not addressed, please feel free to contact the student life team and we will do our best to get you the answers you are looking for. You can contact us via email at

Grace and Peace,

Dr. Jeremiah Stanley

Vice President of Student Affairs


  • Will chapel be optional for students? I’m concerned about forcing students to attend with the large number that usually is there. There have been many people exposed to COVID from large “church” gatherings which is the equivalent to chapel attendance. I do NOT feel comfortable having my child forced to attend especially since we have been attending our church service online since all this began. Will you have streaming/online options available if attendance is mandatory. It would be awful for an outbreak to occur on campus due to a lack of due diligence regarding this matter.

    • Hello, and thank you for inquiring. I am
      certain that all individuals making these decisions will do what is in the best of the students and in accordance with state recommendations. I am happy to make further inquiries for you and will be in touch soon. – Mary

      • Is there any new updates with reopening since the recent surge in this area? I’m very concerned parent as my child will be down there several states away from home.
        – Stephanie

        • Good morning, and thank you for reaching out! We understand your concern. We are constantly monitoring conditions and have made changes in routines, updated procedures, and made physical adjustments on campus in coordination with the regulations and recommendations of the CDC. We love our students and take their well being seriously. Please keep an eye on your email as that is one of the main ways we communicate important information and updates to our students and their families. Thank you for being actively involved and helping your student be safe!

          • Thank you Mary. Who can I contact directly with specific questions?
            I have not received any communication by email, perhaps my son has and I will confirm with him.

            Thanks again,

    • Chapel is a vital component of student life at TBC. As a Christian institution we are deeply committed to the spiritual development of our students.
      We have been blessed with a very large auditorium which will allow more than ample space for social distancing. In fact, we will be able to space out seating in chapel to an even greater degree than seating in most classes.
      We will monitor all aspects of student life – including chapel – and make any necessary adjustments to ensure students are as safe as possible. We appreciate the question and share your concern for the well being of our students.
      -From VP of Student Affairs, Jeremiah Stanley


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