Leadership Luncheon: Brett Freese

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This month’s leadership luncheon featured Brett Freese, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®, Certified Kingdom Advisor, NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor, and owner at Trustwell Financial Advisors.

Although he spent the first half of his 30-year career in a major financial services firm, he finds great fulfillment in serving clients with biblical financial advice and wise investment strategies as a fee-only fiduciary.

Brett gets excited when you ask him about the work God is doing in his family—with his two sons (ages 20 and 17) and his wife’s international disciple-making ministry, called All In Ministries International. He serves on the advisory team to his church’s pastor, All In Ministries, and is a coach with LifeWork Leadership.

Brett spoke on the topic of Abiding: starting well and ending well.  Using the passage of John 15:1-11, he challenged the students to remember that abiding in Christ means we are always connected to the Savior.  We are only responsible for staying attached to the vine; the rest is up to Him! 

He also reminded the students about the role that money plays in our lives.  Money is a tool, a test, and a testimony.  You love people and you use money – not the other way around!

Brett gave ample time to answering questions from the students about investments, wise financial choices, and strategies. 

We are thankful for his willingness to speak to our students and share his knowledge.

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