New B.A./M.A. 4+1 Biblical Studies Program

This new program is ideal for the student who seeks advanced training in Biblical Studies.

The 4+1 Biblical Studies degree program streamlines the academic timeline, allowing the student to complete both a bachelor’s and master’s in Biblical Studies within a total of just 5 years!

Interested students will follow the current Bible Intensive undergraduate program
in their first three years, and then apply for the graduate program in the third year. Upon acceptance into the graduate program, students will begin graduate course work
the summer following their junior year. Students who are not eligible for the program will continue in the established Bible Intensive degree plan.

TBC offers the undergraduate Bible Intensive Program through traditional on-campus learning as well as through distance education.

TBC offers all master’s degree programs in an online-only format. Interested students may complete the undergraduate course requirements on campus or through distance education. The
master’s degree courses will only be offered through distance education.

Of high benefit to the interested student, the 4+1 program enables students to complete both their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in a condensed timeline, simultaneously realizing significant tuition cost savings.

With a seamless progression from undergraduate coursework to graduate-level research and study, students gain a comprehensive understanding of biblical texts, historical context, and theological
frameworks, that will position them for success in both ministry and further academic

Join us and unlock your potential to make a difference in the world through the transformative power of biblical scholarship!

Learn more and apply today at!

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