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TBC has grown tremendously over the past decade.  One of the most exciting aspects of expanding degree options is the fact that TBC is able to impact communities in new ways!

TBC’s Criminal Justice program is a great example of that.  Graduates who are not only interested in protecting citizens and supporting communities, but doing so in a God-honoring fashion, have a unique ability to speak into all demographics and areas of society.

As a small college, TBC is thankful that students and faculty often connect on a personal level and stay in contact after graduation.

This makes for high impact relationships, education, and continued mentorship for the graduate even after earning their diploma.  

Looking back at the first graduating class from TBC’s Criminal Justice program, we touched base with graduates Paris Ragan and, RJ Falco who serve on the police force in the State of Florida; one in the greater Orlando area and the other in St. Johns County.  Both graduates are thriving in their field and were happy to offer their perspective on the program and how it helped set them up for success after graduation. 

Officer Ragan says that the opportunity to learn from individuals who had recent or current involvement with local law enforcement was a huge benefit. 

“Lt. Lestrange had so much perspective and insight on what was happening in the field within the state and in our own back yard so to speak. He was able to provide a lot of knowledge from a supervisory perspective as well.” 

Coming from a Christian home, Officer Ragan was grateful to find a program that offered Criminal Justice from a biblical worldview.  Ragan’s experience of growing up in church and meeting people at their best and at their worst in that context, combined with the biblical and law enforcement training he received at TBC, helped everything come full-circle. 

“I understand that we all go through different struggles but we can still come together, so that is the perspective I bring with me to the job.” 

In fact, he says that meeting people from all walks of life and hearing their stories is what he finds so fulfilling. 

“You always want to keep learning in life, and you can learn so much from people with different cultures and backgrounds!”

Now on the force in the Orlando area, Mr. Ragan says that his professor, Dr. Buckner was instrumental in getting him connected to an internship at JSO and through that internship, his current employment.

Another graduate, Officer Falco, serves with the St. Johns County Sherriff’s Office.  He shares a similar perspective on the faculty of TBC’s Criminal Justice program, saying their ability to teach based on current, real-life scenarios was a valuable part of their TBC education.

“Learning from professors with current experience in the force was great – they were able to back up theories with personal stories and experiences.  Naturally, as students, we have lots of questions, so conversations like that were super helpful.”

He says that having a Biblical worldview in this kind of career is a strong point because it fostered his ability to see beyond the immediate to the bigger picture.  This not only develops empathy as an officer of the law, but also encourages him as an individual.

“I love the fact that I can do my job from a biblical worldview.  It helps me see the good; I can see how God has people in the area to impact situations positively.  I’m able to talk to people and reach out to them in a godly way, to relate to people more.”

Speaking of his internship experience, Falco says he is thankful for the knowledge and connections afforded through his professor, Dr. Buckner.

“Huge shout-out to Dr. Buckner because he set things in motion for me.  He worked hard to get us connected, he organized opportunities to meet recruiters from different agencies, and even set up an internship with JSO — We learned a ton from that internship!”

Current Criminal Justice students are likewise appreciative of the faculty who spearhead TBC’s program. 

With backgrounds in a variety of law enforcement careers, including police work, military, criminal law, professors are able to provide well-informed, quality education.  Combined with practical training and informed by a biblical worldview, graduates are prepared to enter the field with an exceptional grasp on practical skills and a biblically-based value for life and justice.

Coming Fall 2024, TBC is excited to announce the new 3+1 Criminal Justice program! 

TBC’s 3+1 Criminal Justice program is ideal for students who seek a career in law enforcement within a Florida agency. This new program allows students to graduate with a 4-year degree in tandem with their required Florida Law Enforcement Academy training. This is realized through TBC’s partnership with Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ). Read more about this exciting new program here.

This program will be offered in an on-campus format as well as online through TBC Distance Education.  

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