TBC Appoints New Registrar

TBC is pleased to announce the appointment of Mrs. Shelby Downing as TBC Registrar following the retirement of Dr. Cash.

Mrs. Downing worked for Vystar Credit Union from 1996-2011 ending her time there as a Call Center Supervisor.  She came to work at TBC as the Academic Secretary in 2011.  In her time here, she has proven herself to be highly capable and efficient.  She always demonstrates a heart for our students and wants to see them succeed in college. 

Shelby has become the “go-to” person for faculty with questions or Populi issues.  She is highly motivated and is always ready to learn something new.  “I’ve never been a person who depended on someone else to develop me.  If I want to learn something I go buy a book, I research it, I look at what others do, I ask questions.  I feel it’s my own responsibility.”

She also has a great talent in multi-tasking and getting numerous projects done on time while producing excellent results. 

The position of Registrar demands diligence, self-motivation, attention to detail, and management skills. 

In Shelby’s case, each of those boxes are checked – twice! Over the years, Shelby has worked together with Dr. Cash on everything from enrolling new students to Commencement and everything in between.  “We have worked as a team for so many years.  He has known for a while that he would retire soon.  He felt it was important that I know how things worked in order to help that transition go smoothly regardless of who took over after him.  So for a while now he’s been teaching me how do to certain things.  I always told him he wasn’t allowed to retire. He didn’t listen to me – ha!”

This is a unique time for all of us at TBC.  Dr. Cash has been here since the very beginning in 1974.  Taking the reins after him would feel overwhelming to almost anyone. 

When asked how it felt to step into the shoes of a legend, Shelby laughed and said she felt a little uncertain at first. “If you had asked me a couple of weeks ago I would have had a very different answer.  But now that I’ve had time to process I’m ok; I’m excited. I’ll admit it stressed me out some at first.  That first day all of my confidence evaporated even though I knew exactly what to do.”

Even though the transition was intimidating, in another way she says it feels right.  She observed and learned much about the position over the past year while helping Dr. Cash prepare to transition out. “It almost felt natural to transition in although I would have been equally as happy to help someone else do so.  But Dr. Cash knows so much!  He has so much wisdom.  He doesn’t even have to think, he just knows.  And he doesn’t forget!  It is a bit intimidating to follow after that.  And I know this is so near and dear to his heart.  I want to see his passion carry on to the future.”

There is no doubt that she will carry that passion forward.  

Shelby has always believed in the mission of TBC – that is evident by her all-in attitude and determination to do everything to the best of her ability.  The expression, “She is worth her weight in gold” has been used by her associates many times when describing her and the value she brings to Trinity Baptist College. 

Shelby has a desire to see students grow academically and spiritually as they progress through college.

Her desire to help students and her ability to engage them in meaningful conversation is a gift.  She frequently helps students work through difficult decisions – always with an encouraging smile and compassionate demeanor. 

“I’m so thankful for this opportunity.  I believe in TBC and believe that what we do here is important.  I am looking forward to getting more involved with the students individually.  I really want them to see them be successful.”

We are pleased that she will be assuming the responsibilities of Registrar. 

While we will miss Dr. Cash, we know that the legacy he has created in that office is in good hands!

Shelby and her husband Danny have two children who attend TCA.  They are active in Trinity Baptist Church and teach a youth small group each week.  

Shelby Downing, Registrar

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  • Congratulations Mrs. Downing!!! I know this is a great fit for you “hip-hip-hooray.” TBC wins again….


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