TBC now offering scholarship match for MK students

Missionary families face unique challenges when it comes time to make college plans – whether it be for adults who are going back to finish a degree or earn a new one, or for a missionary kid (MK) who is venturing into the world of college for the first time.  Here at TBC, we do what we can to make that transition less stressful.  One way we are helping to improve that “re-entry” experience is by offering a scholarship match for missionary families.

Recent MK grad, Nancy Patton, shares why she feels TBC was the best choice for her.

TBC believes in the importance of making college accessible to everyone, and it is our pleasure to partner with Converge Worldwide to help make college accessible for students coming from foreign fields.

Converge Worldwide currently offers the Converge ZAP Educational Endowment Fund Award to missionary families actively serving on the field.  Trinity Baptist College now offers a dollar-for-dollar match in Institutional Aid to any student enrolled in TBC who is a recipient of the Converge ZAP Educational Endowment Fund Award.


A recipient of the Converge ZAP Educational Endowment Fund Award receives a dollar-for-dollar match in TBC institutional aid, capped at the student’s tuition expense. The award continues each academic year while the student receives the Converge organization award.

Converge Worldwide will contact TBC to certify recipient student enrollment. The TBC match is awarded at the time TBC certifies enrollment.  Please contact your TBC representative for more information or email admissions@tbc.org.



  1. The applicant must be a member of a missionary family currently serving on a recognized missionary field of a Baptist missionary organization such as Converge Worldwide.
  2. The applicant must be in the process of applying to a recognized college or university for their under-graduate degree. (If a non-Christian school the applicant is strongly encouraged to become involved in a Christian campus ministry such as Inter-Varsity or Campus Crusade.)
  3. The applicant must have maintained a 3.0 average while in high school.
  4. The applicant must have a high commitment to serving Jesus Christ in her/his life as a faithful disciple.
  5. The applicant should agree in principle with the Converge Worldwide Statement of Faith.
  6. A grant review committee will be appointed by the CWW Foundation Board consisting of interested donors and CWW staff.
  7. The application form and supporting documents need to be postmarked by April 30th of the year in which the grant is desired.

Full details on the Converge award can be downloaded here zap-educational-endowment-grant-2019

Interested in applying for the Converge award?  Submit the application form here!

If you have any questions that we can help to clarify, please let us know!  We are happy to help.  Contact us at 904-596-2451 or email our Dean of Admissions at admissions@tbc.org.

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