TBC Spotlight Marquel Perry: Biblical Worldview in the Workplace

TBC Eagle and 2018 graduate Marquel Perry is currently manager of the largest Enterprise Rent-a-Car location in Jacksonville, Florida. 

Known for being open and bold in sharing his faith, Marquel believes that ministry and Christianity is how you live your life – not something you do. 

Speaking of how he believes a Biblical worldview can be lives out in the workplace, Marquel is straightforward. 

“My belief is that if you are a true child of God, this is not something you turn on and off.  You can’t hang it up in the closet.  We live in a time when people are not bold in their faith, but if the word can be bold in their belief, I can be bold in mine!  It is right to be bold as a lion.  My employees know who I am, my customers know who I am.  I know there are rules and regulations, but God gives wisdom.  It shows in the way you carry yourself and others will be able to see your life is different.  What is in me is going to show on the outside.”

Marquel considers prayer to be a non-negotiable in his life.

He says it is both a weapon and a key, and as such it should be recognized as an indispensable part of the Christian life.  

“A lot of people don’t believe in prayer or don’t like to pray, but it is so important!  It is what encouraged so many leaders of the faith to keep going and it is what can keep this generation!”  He goes on to say that praying and faith go hand-in-hand, and that is another challenge that is increasingly difficult for this day.  “We tend to have faith in what we see so when we don’t see immediate results we want to believe God failed us. 

Originally from Savannah, Georgia, Marquel has been involved in ministry since he was a young teen.  

Over the years, he has continued to pursue a life of ministry – both in the church and outside of it.  He and his wife, Alexandria, travel many weekends, heading up youth gatherings in Florida and neighboring states as well as being involved in their local church, Work of Faith Ministries. 

Marquel and Alexandria Perry

Earning his degree in counseling through TBC helped him understand some of the battles that young people face, and Marquel says that the result was an increased passion for evangelism and youth ministry.

“I fell in love with youth ministry because that is the church of tomorrow.  There is spiritual warfare going on, they are battling things, and often they try to hide it. This ministry allows me to impact their lives, but seeing God change them and become new creatures in Him… you can’t put a price on that!”

He says that his time at TBC sharpened his public speaking, helped him grow as a Christian, and pulled him out of his shell. 

As a TBC Eagle, Marquel was on the basketball team, and became very involved in fostering the spiritual growth of his team. This experience helped him to get comfortable with speaking directly into people’s lives, and being open about his own struggles.

“A lot of athletes can be nervous about being outspoken about their faith.  But I wasn’t and Coach Jones saw that in me so I was able to get really involved in leading the team in prayer and in chapels before games.  It was crazy to me that I could prep for a game and prep for a sermon at the same time!”

This year, Marquel is working together with churches and believers to host a youth revival in late summer.  He invites us to participate by praying for God to work and change lives.  He says that the purpose is not to promote a specific church body but to promote a message: we must return to God. 

“I believe God has a remnant of young people who are hungry for God, who want to seek His face.  My vision for this revival is to have young people together, worshiping God in spirit and in truth, spending time with the Lord.”

If you would like to learn more or be involved, you can contact Marquel through Facebook or leave a comment below.

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