TBC’s first Accounting graduate at Jacksonville firm

Lena Springer is the first graduate (’21) of TBC’s accounting program!

Lena came to TBC in 2017 looking an opportunity to earn her degree while continuing to play her favorite sport.

“I was looking for schools where I could play [softball].  At first I was hesitant about TBC because it was a new team but then I took a tour and met everyone and I realized I really liked it here.  Plus, it was close, so that was nice.  Even though my parents lived in Orange Park at the time I wanted to get that on-campus experience, so I moved into the dorms.  I actually enjoyed it – and made a lot of friends.  I stayed there for all four years.”

The summer after graduation, Lena took a position in the TBC Financial Aid department after her internship.  Every student is different – some prefer to launch out immediately while others like the idea of sticking around and getting involved at TBC if a position is available. For Lena, staying for a little while was a welcome opportunity.  She says that for her it was the perfect way to transition into the work force and learn more about adult life.

“It was so nice to be a part of Trinity after graduating.  I liked the employees here. Mrs. Brown especially helped me so much – with all her wisdom and advice.”

Now, she is looking forward to a new adventure!

We are excited to announce that Lena Springer has accepted a position with Masters, Smith & Wisby P.A., a long-standing, local Jacksonville accounting and business advising firm.

This is an exciting time for her and for us, as we launch one of our own into the greater Jacksonville community.

She says she is looking forward to learning new things, experiencing a different area of the city, and is thankful to find a company where she will be able to enjoy a small environment similar to what she experienced at TBC.

We asked her what her advice is to graduating seniors.  She says,

“Be patient – God will take care of you. I’m a worrier so if I don’t know what’s ahead of me, I struggle. You have to trust the process; God has a plan, and you have to trust Him.”

Congratulations on your new position, Lena!  We wish you all the best!

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