Three Ways a Small College Can Deliver a Big Experience


Small-college life has a lot to offer!  While we can’t boast large crowds, we certainly make up for it in atmosphere and personality!  One of the best things about a small campus is the close-knit environment.  That family feel impacts almost every aspect of life, and can enhance your studies and personal growth in ways you may not have considered before.

Small campus life can broaden your horizons.

It may sound counter-intuitive, but a small campus can accelerate personal growth.  Sure, a mega campus sounds exciting, but when it comes down to experiences that impact us deeply, friends that really care, and opportunities that are tailor-fit to your interests, crowds can become more of a challenge than an opportunity.  A smaller student body tends to foster personal relationships between individuals who may otherwise never come in contact through everyday life.  When athletes and musicians, theologians and business students rub shoulders day-to-day, it provides opportunities for everyone to broaden their perspectives.   It allows for healthy conversations and discussions to take place that can build mutual respect and understanding, and possibly even create avenues for students to experience new things they would never participate in otherwise.

Small campus life can mean increased safety.

Are you more likely to check on a friend or a stranger?  If you notice your friend hasn’t been to class in three days, chances are, you will try to find out why.  When a stranger misses class for a week you might not even notice!  A certain amount of mutual care and concern naturally develops within a small student body.  Not only does this create a very friendly and personal environment, but also a safe one.  Students in a close-knit environment are able to instinctively pick up on unusual behaviors and activities and are better able to support one another through stress and crises.

Small campus life is convenient.

It may sound a bit shallow, but let’s be just honest with each other – convenience is a big deal!  A massive campus can really cramp your schedule if you have to race eight miles to make it to your next class.   Yes, a class on the opposite side of campus can still be a bummer at a small college, but here’s the good news: it’s still only a 5-minute walk to get there!  (Though you may want to invest in comfy shoes or a bike.)  You’ll also have quick and easy access to any other resources on campus such as the library, technology, activity centers, and even athletic and social events – no transportation required!

Small-college life certainly deserves a lot of credit and the benefits extend beyond graduation!  A close-knit student body translates into strong alumni bonds that can open doors to things you never dreamed possible.

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