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Happy December!  We are celebrating two key wins this fall, and we are excited to share those with you. First, a quick shout-out to the students who worked so hard this semester! Finals week is officially behind you!  

This week is always a bitter-sweet time on campus – even in the fall.  Most of our graduating seniors have one more semester ahead of them but there is a handful who are finished now.  Campus is decorated for Christmas, the weather has been appropriately chilly, and we’ve been playing Christmas music outside the HeBrews Café.  It’s a happy bubble in our chaotic world. 

With it being the end of the year it feels appropriate to share an update from the desk of Dr. Jeremiah Stanley, Vice President of Student Affairs. 

Keep reading to learn how God has blessed us beyond what we expected and how we are praying over the Spring semester.  

Dr. Jeremiah Stanley
VP of Student Affairs

Dear TBC family and friends, I am confident we would all agree that 2020 has been a year unlike any other we have experienced.

As a TBC community, we faced unique challenges and obstacles through which we have had to maneuver. Despite these unique circumstances, God has once again proven his faithfulness and sovereign care over our institution and TBC family.

We are specifically celebrating two key “wins” as we look back over the fall 2020 semester.

First, God provided an unexpected student enrollment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

After closing the college campus early back in the spring of this year we were unable to carry out our typical in-person recruiting routines throughout the spring and summer months.

As an administration we had all but resigned to the fact that enrollment numbers would be down in the fall. This was largely due to diminished recruiting opportunities and student/parent fears related to the pandemic. God chose this moment to work through the creative efforts of our enrollment department. As they switched to a virtual recruiting process on the fly, He blessed TBC with the highest enrollment numbers of the past three years!

Second, we are celebrating the fact that we have been able to keep our campus open and provide in-person instruction throughout the entirety of the fall semester.

This has only been possible by God’s grace and the result of selfless efforts of leaders and professors on our campus. In specific, Laurel Groff, Campus Health Director. Laurel has worked tirelessly throughout the summer and fall of this year. She played a key role in developing a plan for safely re-opening the campus. She also helped implement a process for handling COVID-19 related contacts and infections. Through these efforts we have seen God’s hand of blessing on us as only a very small number of individuals have tested positive over the course of the fall semester.

Please continue to pray along with us that we will be able to remain open for the Spring 2021 semester and finish out this academic year strong!

We know that your prayers and support are crucial to our future growth and health as an institution. Thank you for all you do to promote your alma mater. You inspire us as you live out the values of TBC in the work to which God has called you. Thank you for all you do to promote your alma mater.

Keep Dreaming Big Because We Serve A Big God!

Jeremiah Stanley

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