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3 Things To Learn The Summer Before College

          There are so many things to do the summer before you begin college!  Assuming you have already been accepted and know where you will attend, your attention may shift from submitting […]

TBC now offering scholarship match for MK students

Missionary families face unique challenges when it comes time to make college plans – whether it be for adults who are going back to finish a degree or earn a new one, or for a […]


Private Foundation Scholarship Questions

For students enrolling in college, financial aid can come in three forms: Federal, Institutional, and Private (or third-party). For those seeking aid options in addition to federal and institutional awards, researching private scholarships may prove […]

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Providing a safe environment for MK's as they transition into college and American culture

    Choosing a college is a big deal no matter what your background happens to be. Certain aspects of missionary life in particular can make that process even more complicated and intimidating.  Missionary kids […]

Spring Break… what to do?

Spring Break. These two words mean something different to everyone: road trips, beach days, sleeping in, camping, hiking, or maybe for you it means working extra hours to get ahead.

10 Ways TBC Maintains a Safe Campus

Safety is always important – no matter what you do or where you go. Here at Trinity Baptist College we not only understand that, but we make it a priority to make our campus a […]


Book suggestions for the non-reader, the bookworm, and everyone in between

Are you still working on your reading list for this year?  Sometimes, trying to decide what to read is half the battle.  If you are not much of a reader, you may be hesitant to […]

The public library: a whole new world

Have you heard? Libraries are cool again! When was the last time you set foot in your library?  Or checked out their website? Or their app?  If you think the library is an out-of-date concept […]


6 ways to help your brain this winter break

Winter break is upon us!  You are probably holding your breath for that glorious moment when you turn in our last exam!  Finally, you can sleep in without missing your first class or paying for […]


Establishing credit: two baby steps and a warning

Let’s say you feel ready to handle the responsibility of credit and all that entails.  How do you get started?  Before we even get into that, let’s take a moment to revisit the main take-away […]


Credit: what is it and why should you care?

Educating yourself on the basics of what credit is and how it affects you is key to making wise economic decisions.


TBC soccer coach earns U.S. Soccer Federation B License

Congratulations to our women’s soccer coach, Asithorn “Noom” Romyanond, on his recent outstanding achievement of the U.S. Soccer Federation B License!  This is no small accomplishment – for perspective, there is approximately one B-licensed coach […]

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