You don’t know what you don’t know (Or: Why taking “that class” is a good idea)

It seems inevitable.  At some point in your college career you will find yourself taking a course that seems disconnected to your major.  You may begin to question the decision-makers who determined that this should […]


Decoding Financial Aid

As you begin the process of applying to college, you will notice that college and university financial offices tend to have a vocabulary all their own.  Don’t panic!  It is completely normal and to be […]


What does a budget do? {Or: How to eat churros instead of gas money.}

Budgeting.  What emotion do you associate with that word?  Boredom?  Fear?  Stress? It should make you feel secure.  In control.  Confident, even. There is a misconception floating around that budgets are restrictive.  That they zap […]


What's the difference between grants and scholarships?

  Are grants and scholarships two different ways to say the same thing?  Or are they actually different? This is a question that may be rolling around in your mind as you look ahead to […]

(How to) Rise and Shine!

Getting out of bed in the morning tends to be a challenge for many people.  Yes, there are “morning people” in this world – those rare human beings who naturally enjoy beginning their day before […]

Three ways to maximize your study sessions.

At this point in your life you are very familiar with classwork, exams, and, of course, studying.  No doubt you are studying. The question is, are you studying effectively?


Creating Opportunities for Real-World Experience

Over the past several years, Trinity Baptist College has developed a strong relationship with nearby Crystal Springs Elementary (CSE).  Through the Federal Work Study Program and in collaboration with CSE, Trinity Baptist College was able […]

Dealing With Goodbye

People get weird when it’s time to say goodbye.  Especially when it is a long-term goodbye.  Yes, even adults. Maybe you can identify yourself in one of the following examples: You get hyper and say […]

Keyboard shortcuts every college student should know

We humans are funny.  No matter how easy something is, we are always looking for a shortcut.  This could stem from a genuine desire to be as effective as possible… but then again, it could […]


Your College ID: A Diamond in the Rough

There are a whole slew of firsts that come along with the first week of college. There’s move-in day, orientation day, saying goodbye to family, locating the laundry room, living in a building full of […]


Off To College: One Thing You Can't Afford To Leave Behind

Naturally, becoming immersed in college will mean you become a bit less involved in life outside of college – especially as a campus resident.  There is a delicate balance, however, between full involvement in your college life and maintaining honest communication with family and mentors back home. 

my plan

The down side of having a plan

Make plans but keep an eraser handy. Truly life-impacting moments are missed when a checklist and an itinerary become the focus.

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