Since our beginnings on McDuff Avenue in 1974, Trinity Baptist College has grown and expanded both numerically and academically.  Thanks to the vision, dedication, and hard work of so many, we have made significant advancements as an institution. On our Hammond Blvd campus, we continue to pour into students and develop young leaders who are well-equipped to take the gospel to their circle of influence.

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Alumni Relations Office

(904) 596-2307
Monday-Thursday 8am - 4pm

Alumnus of the Year

Congratulations to Kimberly Pierce, TBC’s 2022 Alumnus of the Year!

Kimberly (Creel) Pierce is the principal of Brush Arbor Christian School in Orlando, Florida, and an ’05 TBC Elementary Education graduate.

In 2020-21, she successfully led her school through the chaos of a pandemic, spearheaded and achieved accreditation, and navigated new regulations and protocols to keep the school open and healthy.  You can read our interview with her back in 2020 here.

Now she is leading her team through the aftermath of COVID: supporting mental and emotional health, addressing the changing needs of students, and casting vision for the future.  Read about her school's plans for expansion and how they are supporting their faculty, staff, and students here. 

We believe Kim Pierce is an excellent example of dedication and faithfulness, as she continues to lead with excellence within her immediate circle of influence as well as within the greater community of educators and administrators.

It is with sincere admiration and gratitude for her exceptional leadership that we celebrate Kim’s 15 years in education and name her TBC’s 2022 Alumnus of the Year!

Kim joined us on campus on May 6 for our President’s Reception honoring TBC Graduates of Influence.  She was also present at the TBC graduation ceremonies on Saturday, May 7.

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Alumni Spotlight

Every month, we feature a TBC graduate on our blog.  These Alumni Spotlights highlight some of the amazing things that TBC grads are doing around the world.

With graduates in education, business, missions, and more, there is always something to share!

Did you know you can nominate an alumnus for a Spotlight?  Just click the button to nominate your choice!

TBC Main Office

Phone: (904) 596-2451

Alumni of the Year

Every year, the alumni of Trinity Baptist College nominate fellow alumni to be featured in our monthly newsletters.  Each nomination is then considered for the Alumnus of the Year award along with any additional nominations for Alumnus of the Year.

Recipients of this award are individuals who consistently display godly character, model our core values as an institution, and exhibit faithful commitment to the Gospel.

You can nominate a someone for Alumnus of the Year!  Submit your nomination here.

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