Transient Students

Trinity Baptist College welcomes transient students who are looking to take select courses that will transfer back to their home institution. Enrolling as a transient student is an affordable way to get ahead in your degree program or complete prerequisites.

Below are the requirements for admission to Trinity Baptist College as a transient student:

  1. A completed application for admissions to Trinity Baptist College.
  2. A $35 non-refundable application fee is due at the time of application submission.
  3. A copy of an unexpired driver’s license or state nondriver’s license.
  4. If courses(s) will be taken on-campus, additional admission items may be required.
  5. An official transcript from your current institution may be required when prerequisites are needed.
  6. A completed copy of the student’s transient letter from their home college. The letter should indicate the specific term and courses to be taken at Trinity Baptist College. Transient letters may be mailed 800 Hammond Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32221, hand-delivered, or scanned and emailed to

Once the student has submitted all required documentation and their admissions records are processed by the admissions office, the student will be contacted by the Academic Office to register. Please note the following:

1. Transient students cannot receive federal aid at Trinity Baptist College; therefore students are required to pay their tuition and fees out of pocket. All charges must be paid before the first day of class, failure to do so will result in the student being withdrawn from the unpaid course(s) before 8:00 A.M. on the first day of class.

2. Transient students are subject to the same registration (add/drop/withdrawal) and academic standing policies that apply to degree-seeking students at Trinity Baptist College.

3. A new transient approval letter will be required for each semester a transient student wants to enroll at Trinity Baptist College.

4. It is the student's responsibility to request a transcript be sent back to their home school at the end of the semester. Transcripts should be ordered through the Transcript Request Form

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