Student Responsibility

The Academic Advisor's Role

Students are personally responsible for knowing degree requirements, developing course schedules each semester based on requirements, and completing all requirements as defined in the Catalog.  Included in this responsibility is developing class schedules based on the semester sequence outlined in individual degree plans.  The role of the academic advisor is to offer valuable advice to help students meet degree completion goals.

Planning a Class Schedule

To effectively plan a class schedule, students should consult with their advisor and refer to the resource links provided on this page.

Steps include:

Organizing and planning class schedules using the registration dates and resources provided on this page and degree plans detailed in the Catalog.

Listing class choices in order of priority.  Also, listing alternate classes in the event that class sections are full or course offerings are cancelled.

Scheduling only classes for which all course requirements are met. Individual course enrollments may be cancelled at any time for students not meeting all course requirements.


Financial aid may be affected when registering for classes that are not included in a degree plan.

Registration Instructions

Juniors, Seniors, and Graduate students are approved for self-registration. Freshman and Sophomore students must meet with an advisor to register. The best results deadline for Spring registration is April 12, 2024. After the best results date, courses with insufficient enrollment may be removed from course offerings.

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