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P.U.S.H Forward!

Theme for Academic Year 2020-21

purposeWhile many aspects of the future are still unknown, one thing is certain: at Trinity Baptist College we are ready to P.U.S.H. Forward!

As a student body we are boldly declaring that we will not live in fear but we will push forward with the following actions in mind:

•   PERSEVERE – we will continue in our spiritual and academic pursuits in the face of difficulty

•  UNITE – as a student body we will come together in our common purpose to live out the gospel of Christ

•  SUSTAIN – we will be sustained as we move forward knowing that our efforts will reap eternal rewards

•  HOPE – our hope will not be found in politics, government, human intellect or power, but only through the hope of the resurrection of Jesus Christ

We look forward to this coming academic year, knowing that this season will prepare us for future challenges that life will bring our way. We are ready to P.U.S.H. forward!


Jacksonville's can't miss list!


Our amazing city skyline as seen from the world-famous Friendship Fountain

Stubent summit

On-Campus concerts during campus events, like Student Summit. 


A 45-minute drive to the coast of Florida puts you at the beach.

Things To Do

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At Trinity Baptist College, we can take pride in our beautiful and active campus, right in the heart of Jacksonville, Florida. Between our close proximity to the historic district, gorgeous beaches and waterfronts, a vibrant downtown and fun weekend spots including Adventure Landing Water Park and the Jacksonville Zoo, you'll always have fun ways to spend time with your new friends.

If you prefer some time on campus to relax, we have a communal student center where you and your classmates can watch tv, play pool, snack and hang out. We also have a ton of campus activities—from organized Gator Ball games to community spiritual services trips.

With the beauty of the Florida sunset all to yourself, it's easy to see the hand of God at work at Trinity Baptist College. Call us if you have any questions about our campus or things to do in Jacksonville if you come for a visit!

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