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Theme for Academic Year 2019-20

purposeOne of the most common questions that every generation of human beings, in modern times at least, has attempted to answer is, “Why am I here?” This question is profound, thought-provoking, and worthy of attempting to answer. The current generation of college students (Generation Z) is not exempt from seeking answers to this age-old question.

Trinity Baptist College, as a Christian institution, believes that one of our duties is to assist students in answering this question, and others similar, which speak to the purpose for which mankind was created. Fortunately, we have the Scriptures to assist us in providing these answers which bring with it divine authority and gospel clarity.

College students today desire to make their life count for something and are eager to ensure that their life is having a positive impact on the world. It is our belief that introducing students to the truth of the gospel will help to ensure that their life will indeed matter, not just in the moment, but for eternity.

For this reason, our student body leadership team has chosen “Find Your Purpose” as the theme for the 2019-20 academic year. During the fall semester we will be focusing on three specific ways that students can find their purpose in Christ.

1.      Finding purpose in the gospel of Christ (September)

2.      Finding purpose in serving (October)

3.      Finding purpose through giving thanks (November)

It is our belief that Christian students will not find ultimate purpose and fulfillment by pursuing the allures and enticements of this present age, but rather by having their hearts transformed in a way that deepens their desire for God and His eternal kingdom. As we grow deeper in love with God, the more we understand that true purpose cannot be found in anything lesser.


Jacksonville's can't miss list!


Our amazing city skyline as seen from the world-famous Friendship Fountain

Stubent summit

On-Campus concerts during campus events, like Student Summit. 


A 45-minute drive to the coast of Florida puts you at the beach.

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At Trinity Baptist College, we can take pride in our beautiful and active campus, right in the heart of Jacksonville, Florida. Between our close proximity to the historic district, gorgeous beaches and waterfronts, a vibrant downtown and fun weekend spots including Adventure Landing Water Park and the Jacksonville Zoo, you'll always have fun ways to spend time with your new friends.

If you prefer some time on campus to relax, we have a communal student center where you and your classmates can watch tv, play pool, snack and hang out. We also have a ton of campus activities—from organized Gator Ball games to community spiritual services trips.

With the beauty of the Florida sunset all to yourself, it's easy to see the hand of God at work at Trinity Baptist College. Call us if you have any questions about our campus or things to do in Jacksonville if you come for a visit!

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