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We specialize in providing a quality education with a Christian worldview.

Selecting the right college is an important decision. Prepare yourself for your future by investing in a quality education now at Trinity Baptist College! TBC offers a unique personal atmosphere and Christ-centered environment in the middle of a bustling city, and high academic standards that help to set you up for success after graduation.

Develop your whole person by challenging yourself academically and spiritually. Our small class sizes allow for personal interaction and mentorship with professors who are experts in their field, and our entire campus culture (from chapel to student life) is influenced and guided by the Word of God.

Move toward your future with confidence, equipped to use your passions and training to influence the world for Jesus Christ.

Are you ready to take the next step? Click below to begin the TBC admissions process! We are available to help you through every step of the way. The first thing we’ll do is connect you to a dean of admissions who will be able to answer any questions and offer guidance as needed.

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Undergraduate and Graduate Students

TBC’s programs are designed to equip students academically and spiritually as they prepare for their future. Academic programs provide specialized training through a “Learn and Serve” education philosophy, which combines prestigious academics with field-specific, real-world internships. This enables students to experience first-hand the challenges and rewards that are associated with their chosen field of study. The potential to graduate with a completed internship is also a fantastic asset for any student seeking employment upon graduation.

Student Qualifications


What does Trinity Baptist College look for in a student?

The admissions process at Trinity Baptist College is a well-rounded one, meaning that every facet of our application is important to us and plays a role in our acceptance decisions.

We pay attention to (and contact) listed references and read through all the information provided by each aspiring student.

We consider personal reputation and spiritual and moral values to be equally as important as GPA and other societal or academic distinctions.

We do all of this because the goal is to enroll students who are a great fit at TBC.

Not only because we expect incoming students to meet the set standard, but because we want our students to benefit from the kind of education that they have come to expect – an education based on both academic achievement and biblically-based, moral, and ethical values.

Inevitably, this means that there are more applications coming in to our college than we can accommodate.

It is our responsibility to make insightful decisions through personal interactions with each applicant in order to determine those who would benefit the most from the unique environment offered at Trinity Baptist College.


How does the TBC application review process work?

Trinity Baptist College has an enrollment team which works together to reach satisfactory admissions decisions.

Each aspiring student’s application is vetted by multiple staff members who are dedicated to bringing out the best in each of our incoming students as well as the institution as a whole.

Ready to take the first step towards admission?

How does the enrollment team make decisions about applicants?

We are committed to a whole-student approach when evaluating applicants. A variety of factors inform our decision on a candidate.

Curriculum and Grades

We are drawn to students who show an aptitude and desire to pursue intellectual advancement.  This is reflected in GPA’s, standardized test scores, course loads, and class participation.

Recommendations & References

We look for evidence of spiritual growth, a willingness to serve others, and a desire to perform at a high academic level.

Character & Personal Values

A student's worldview and personality will always impact their surroundings – at TBC we look for students who are apt to have a positive influence on their fellow students.

Extracurricular Activities

We take into account the nature and quality of the applicant’s interests and extracurricular activities.

General Fit

The student's fit for TBC’s unique environment.  Our personal 12:1 student-teacher ratio, family-style student life, and high standards make us a niche college specializing in training individuals for a life of service regardless of their chosen career.

Trinity Baptist College

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Trinity Baptist College has been approved to participate in the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements

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