Academic Programs

Trinity Baptist College offers a variety of academic programs designed to ensure that you are prepared for the work God has for your life. Every program utilizes a “learn and serve” academic model providing valuable instruction and opportunities to apply what is learned in real-life settings. This unique blend of classroom and real-world education helps develop well-rounded students with an increased potential for hire upon graduation. Apply now to get started on your future!

TBC’s programs are designed to equip students academically and spiritually as they prepare for their future. Trinity offers Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and Master’s degrees as well as a degree completion program and online and evening courses.

Undergraduate Programs

Trinity Baptist College’s undergraduate program offers over 25 different programs of study under the Division of Biblical Studies, the Division of Education, and the Division of Business. While all of these are offered in an engaging on-campus format, select degrees are also offered in a convenient online format, providing for the needs of students seeking distance education.

For more information and full course listings, see the Undergraduate Catalog.

Associate Degrees

Trinity offers 2 year associate degrees in Interdisciplinary StudiesBiblical Studies, Early Childhood Education, Criminal Justice,  Math and Science (New Program in Fall 2024), and Pre-Engineering (New Program in Fall 2024).

Bachelors Degrees


Trinity offers Education programs in Elementary, Secondary, and Special Education. Important information for each program is listed below.

Biblical Studies

Trinity offers Biblical Studies programs with special focus on a variety of ministry concentrations-- from Pastoral Theology to Church Ministries.

Worship Leadership

The Worship Leadership Program at Trinity Baptist College is committed to training students to be versatile and exceptional musician-leaders.

Business Programs

Trinity Baptist College offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with concentrations in Accounting or a general track with emphasis in Biblical Leadership and Management or Sport Management. These programs of study are designed to develop outstanding and competitive individuals in the business field while also addressing the moral, ethical, and biblical principles that should be the ultimate guide in every area of life – personal as well as professional.

Criminal Justice Program

The purpose of the Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice is to prepare men and women to begin careers in a variety of criminal justice fields. Students will be exposed to practical skills needed in the field of criminal justice.

Humanities Programs

The Humanities major provides a broad-based academic preparation for the student who desires to wait on specialization until graduate or professional school, is seeking an education in the arts and sciences, or who is unsure of a career path and wants a general approach instead of being placed into a specific program of study.

Graduate Programs (Online)

Both the Master of Education and Master of Arts in Bible programs are offered in a convenient online format, providing a flexible course load that many graduate students seek. Both programs offer limited “residence” courses in a one-week, on-campus format. For more information, see the Graduate Catalog.

Master of Education

The purpose of the Master of Education (M.Ed.) program is to help teachers reach a higher level of classroom performance, thereby making them role models who bring a spirit of excellence and high quality to the Christian school. A total of 33 hours is necessary to complete the program.

Master of Arts

The Master of Arts (M.A.) degree is designed for those seeking advanced work in Biblical Studies. The focus is on expanding your practical Bible knowledge coupled with ministry application courses. This program can serve as a springboard into an M.Div. program.


tbc online eveningTBC’s online and evening courses offer the potential to pursue your education at the time and/or location that best fits into your schedule. The convenience and affordability of these programs make them the ideal choice for many students and may accommodate your particular circumstances as well.

Be challenged, encouraged, and motivated spiritually and academically while interacting with peers and mentors who share your desire to adhere to moral and ethical standards.

Courses may be taken for credit in pursuit of a degree or for personal benefit. Individuals desiring the benefit of instruction without the credit may choose to audit classes. Students auditing courses are not required to complete tests or major projects but must still complete registration. Explore your possibilities at TBCOnline – click on the button below to determine your eligibility.

Degree Completion

Interested in completing your bachelor’s degree?

college degree completion

Occasionally, life interrupts our plans.  If you started your college education but have not had the opportunity to complete it, now is the time to do so!

We would love nothing more than to help you to attain this milestone. Earning your bachelor’s degree may open a variety of new opportunities including better pay at your current job, new job opportunities, graduate school, and certainly the satisfaction of completing an important goal.

Trinity Baptist College offers a program designed to help individuals complete that important first step: earning a bachelor’s degree.  The Interdisciplinary Studies program is designed for individuals who have 60 or more college credits but have not completed their four-year degree.

If you would like to finish your bachelor’s degree in a Christ-centered environment, click below to apply and determine your eligibility!

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