Visit Today and Get Acquainted With the Close-Knit Culture at TBC

You have a choice of several different formats for your campus visit.  Each format has its own advantages and offers a unique experience, but they are all available to you as a way to get acquainted with the close-knit culture at TBC.

Personal Visit

—Registration is FREE, but required.—

Personal visits are the most flexible and personalized way to see the college.  The main feature of this visit is a personal tour with your designated representative.  During the tour you will visit all the main points of interest on campus, learn about the opportunities available to our students to be involved in hands-on community and ministry service, and have the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have.  Additionally, you may request to meet with financial aid counselors or admissions counselors after your tour. Please be sure to request this ahead of time through your representative as we cannot guarantee last-minute counselor availability.

The best days to schedule a personal visit are Mondays and Fridays at approximately 10am.  Of course, we are happy to accommodate you if other arrangements are needed.  Your representative will assist you in arranging your visit and ensure that you have the best experience while you are here.

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Open House

—Registration is FREE, but required.—

TBC hosts Open House events multiple times per year.  Open House is a FREE event which includes many of the same tour stops as a personal visit, but in a more structured, group-focused format.  They are typically scheduled for the evening hours to take advantage of the cooler weather and make allowance for work schedules.

Open Houses are ideal for sophomores, juniors, and seniors who want to learn more about student life on our TBC campus without committing to a full-day campus immersion experience.  Application fees are waived for those who apply during the closing session.

What to expect:
*abbreviated schedule; subject to change*

  • 6:25PM – Arrive and meet your representative at the Welcome Center. (Bldg. 14 on the campus map below)
  • 6:30PM – Campus Tour begins and lasts approximately 45 minutes.
  • 7:15PM – Closing Remarks, Q&A time in the Activity Center, and opportunity to apply. (Snacks and finger foods available as well!)

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College For a Day

---Cost: $10 per student---

Our most thorough and immersive visitor experience is our College For a Day (CFAD) event.  This all-day event is hosted at least once each semester.  CFAD is open to high school groups as well as individuals.  Registration includes campus tours, classroom visits, give-aways, meet-and-greet sessions with key faculty and staff, college chapel, lunch, and Q&A sessions where prospective students can ask questions, receive help with forms, and even submit an application if they so choose! (Application Fees are waived when an application is submitted during the closing session)

What to expect:
*abbreviated schedule; subject to change*

  • 8:45PM - Check-in at lawn beside Bldg. 14 (see campus map below)
  • 9:00AM - Welcome session and campus tours
  • 11:00AM - Chapel
  • 12:00 - Lunch and Q&A
  • 1:00 - Closing session

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Contact the college office:

Front desk: 904-596-2451


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