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Perks of the Small-College Life

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Living at TBC is like having a big family – you might not be super close to everyone, but you all definitely know each other and can always find someone to hang out with.

Everything is within walking distance – from the soccer field to the dining hall, to the library.  No car is no problem!  Not a morning person?  Roll out of bed, brush your teeth, and make it to class in 10 minutes flat.


Living in North Florida is the best of both worlds.  We get some cool months, but we never really lose the green of summer.  You could say we’re spoiled… and you wouldn’t be wrong!  Our campus is beautifully maintained with flowers, oak trees, and towering pines.  It’s the perfect setting for hammocks, fire-pits, and picnics!

Speaking of picnics, if nature is your thing, Jacksonville, FL has the largest urban park system you’ve ever seen!  Some parks give you a view of the skyline, others let you gaze out to the ocean or across the marina, still others are covered in massive trees and winding paths that make you wonder if you somehow landed in NYC’s Central Park. Not to mention beautiful beaches and springs.

Jacksonville is also well-known for its art culture.  From world-class museums to our very own Symphonic Orchestra.  Venues often host Broadway shows, ballets, and concerts.

If you’re looking for day-trip adventure, there’s everything from historic and romantic St. Augustine to the loud and exciting world of theme parks and the heart-thumping underground scuba diving at Devil’s Den near Ocala.



Campus living is a unique experience that can take your college adventure to the next level.  Our men’s and women’s residence halls are beautiful two-story red brick buildings that can house up to 82 students each.

2- and 4-person rooms are available (junior and senior students given priority in room selection), with private bathrooms for each suite. (Two rooms connect with a double bathroom).

Each suite offers your own bed, chest of drawers, and closet space.  Laundry facilities are located on the bottom floor across from a comfortable lounge where you can study, watch movies, work out, or host a Bible study.  And because that’s the age we live in, Wi-Fi is a given!


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Grills are conveniently located in close proximity to the residence halls for your unlimited use! So, if you’re feeling a charcoal-grilled burger at 10pm, go for it!

Student-led campus events often include food – because who doesn’t perform better with some extra calories after hours?

The Plaza Café is a convenient spot to stop by and grab a snack or a drink, or grab-and-go meal in between classes.  There’s almost always a fresh batch of cookies for sale, and there are plenty of chairs and tables in the café as well as outside in the sunshine.  Just a few steps down the sidewalk is the pergola which makes a pleasant spot to hang out.  It even has built-in outlets so your electronics can power up while you enjoy some outdoor chill time.

Campus Events and Student Involvement

Have some free time?  Or maybe you just need to release some stress?   Set up an impromptu volleyball match or a game of pool, go for a run, or meet up for an afternoon of disc golf on the challenging course that weaves through campus.

We often take advantage of the ideal outdoor weather by hanging out around the fire pit, sometimes we bring along a guitar, sometimes we just swap stories and laugh, but we always love it!

We make it a point to have student-body-wide events every semester.  We aim to make it something everyone can participate in regardless of your level of expertise.  Stuff like midnight bowling, ice skating, and tubing down the Itchetucknee.  We even host a formal banquet, so everyone gets a chance to dress up and be sophisticated at least once a year!

Of course, there’s almost always an athletic event for you to enjoy if that’s more your style – soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball, and softball are in our blood!  But we also organize intramural events so you can be involved even if you choose not to be on a team.  We’ve done everything from Capture the Flag tournaments to nerf wars and Gator Ball.  Who knows what we’ll dream up next?

TBC Student Clubs

Student clubs are a way for students to engage with one another outside of class based upon mutual interests.  Each student or faculty member who wishes to lead a club must complete the club registration packet provided below and return it to the clubs coordinator.  Clubs must be approved prior to their start date.

Spiritual Emphasis


You have no shortage of opportunities to grow spiritually at TBC.  From weekly chapels and prayer groups to large student groups that purposefully combine with students from the community (not only TBC students), and classes that are taught from a Biblical perspective – everything at TBC points you in the right direction – UP!

We strongly encourage students to pour into their community by getting involved in their local church or at Trinity Baptist Church right here on campus!  At Trinity Baptist Church, students can mentor and lead children, teens, and other young adults in everything from small group Bible studies, outreach events, and worship.

Want to know an awesome bonus?  When you get plugged in to ministry, you as a student automatically get paired with other individuals who can help to nurture you and train you in ways that are nearly impossible to find anywhere else!  Not only do you get to minister to others, but you develop greater marketability when you eventually finish college.  You’ll have the academic training backed up with decades worth of influence and wisdom that can’t help but enhance your ability to understand and interact with the world around you.

Faculty/Staff Connections


One of the main things our alumni talk about when they’re reminiscing about their TBC days is the relationships they developed here on campus.  And that isn’t confined to fellow alumni friendships!  Many students stay in contact with staff and professors after graduation and seek their advice well after they’ve started their careers.  Why?  Because here, faculty and staff are more than just college personnel.  They are mentors, prayer warriors, and friends… and sometimes even become your colleagues!

Campus Employment Opportunities


We know that college can be a busy time.  We do everything we can to offer quality employment opportunities for quality students who choose to take advantage of a no-commute work commitment.

Opportunities include but are not limited to:

The Connections Plaza Café

The Parkview Plaza Café

After-School care staff

Mailroom staff

Campus Maintenance and Housekeeping

Student Life Photography

External Job Opportunities Helpful Links:

Trinity Baptist College

800 Hammond Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32221
  • (904) 596-2451

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