Trinity Baptist College Names Academic Dean and Chief Academic Officer

Trinity Baptist College is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Adam Christmas as its new Academic Dean. 

Dr. Christmas is ideally qualified to become the college’s Chief Academic Officer.  Following months of interviews and resumé reviews, it is apparent that no one is more qualified than Dr. Christmas to head our academic affairs. 

Dr. Christmas holds a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Ministry from Trinity Baptist College.  He earned his Ph.D. in Systematic Theology from Carolina University (formerly Piedmont International University).  He has been with Trinity Baptist College since 2007.  He received the Teaching Excellence Award for the 2017-2018 school year.  He has been a guest lecturer and favorite instructor at the Word of Life Bible Institute.  Adam also served with the pastoral staff as an Associate Children’s Pastor at Trinity Baptist Church from 2004 to 2011. 

Dr. Christmas has been the Faculty Athletic Liaison since 2015.  

Adam is both aware of and responsive to the special needs of our student athletes.  Sports programs at TBC account for approximately one-third of our student body enrollment. Because of his support, Dr. Christmas has the commitment needed from our coaches to ensure that our athletes place the right priority on their academics. 

Christmas Adam
Dr. Adam Christmas

According to his students, Dr. Christmas is an excellent teacher and mentor. 

His enduring passion for the students and their welfare earns their respect.  His forward thinking often finds him on the leading edge of new techniques and technology to make learning easier and more effective.  As TBC continues to embrace teaching aids such as lecture capture, Dr. Christmas’ experience in the classrooms gives him an implementation advantage over others frozen in traditional pedagogy.  

Dr. Christmas’ role as Faculty Dean was especially helpful in maintaining a high level of faculty interaction in the absence of our former Chief Academic Officer this past semester. 

I am also especially grateful for Dr. Jeremiah Stanley who served as the Interim Chief Academic Officer in coordination with Mr. Jacob Leporacci, President of our Faculty Assembly;  Mr. Matthew Heavener who took responsibility for the academic budget, institutional effectiveness working closely with Dr. John Lucy and Dr. LeDale Sutherland, and course scheduling working with Registrar Shelby Downing; Dr. Matt Beemer, our former Chief Academic Officer for his departure preparation and help in transition; and for Mrs. Sara Gunter who maintained the academic schedule for the Executive Committee for everything needed to keep our academic affairs operating smoothly. 

Adam is married to Kirsten who has coached Women’s Volleyball at TBC. 

They have two children, Emily and Ethan who attend Trinity Christian Academy.  The Christmas family are active members of Trinity Baptist Church.  Adam and his family are “all in” at Trinity. 

As the head of academics Dr. Christmas will be the fifth member of the TBC Executive Committee. 

He joins Chancellor Tom Messer, Vice President Matthew Heavener our head of enrollment and development, Vice President Jeremiah Stanley our head of student affairs, and me.  Adam will begin his new role on July 1, 2022. 

Mac D. Heavener, Jr. 

President / CEO 

One Comment

    Dr. Christmas is just awesome all around; he’s dedicated to Christ, devoted to family and devoted to serving others, dearly loved by his students, dresses like a GQ model, and he’s cool! A better choice could not have been made.
    Congratulations to you for a job well done by considering Dr. Christmas for this position. To Dr. Christmas: Congratulations, thank you for all you’ve taught me and for all you’ve done for me. May God bestow every blessing upon you on your new journey at TBC.


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