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In Hollywood, where perception and fame often outweigh substance and sincerity, one TBC alumnus is making a remarkable difference. How? By offering hope, one interaction at a time.

Meet Don Schaffer, a producer and video editor in L.A.  

Don discovered and developed his team-building and media production expertise while on staff at Trinity Baptist College and Church.  This led to starting his own production company, Point Light Pictures.

Transitioning from ministry to the entertainment world was challenging on many levels.  

However, Don firmly believed that his creativity held redemptive value in spreading the gospel.  So, a few years later when he felt impressed to move his family and his company to L.A. – the heart of the entertainment world – he did.  This new career trajectory earned him more than one raised eyebrow, but Don and his wife, Tricia, were confident that God had led them to this season. 

Don and Tricia Schaffer

Revealing a lesser-known side of Hollywood, Don says that he is part of a growing community of believers who are dedicated to influencing the industry from within.

“There are a lot of us {Christians} in the trenches who are influencing the writers, directors, and actors.  I like to imagine it as similar to Nehemiah’s role.  We are influencing the influencers… we gather on the red carpet before the Oscars.  We pray for the people getting the highlights.  Hollywood is dark, but there is a growing influence in the industry too, and it has been really interesting to watch.”

These believers reside in a space of constant tension between living out their calling and being salt and light in a dark place.  Speaking of the need for spiritual wisdom, Don says,

“…Does that put us in difficult spots from time to time?  Oh, yeah, it does!  But if we are truly called to that role… we do what we can as God’s Spirit leads us.”

Addressing a common misconception, Don suggests that Hollywood’s attitude towards Christianity is not necessarily one of hatred but rather one of ignorance.

Many in the industry lack knowledge about God and Christianity.

“Yes, they do take cheap shots sometimes …but in reality, many don’t know much about God or Christianity. And people who don’t know God at all, they aren’t just going to wake up and decide to know God today.  They don’t even understand the concept.  It’s more of a process.” 

And that process can be painstakingly slow.  Opportunities to present the gospel off the cuff are few and far between.  Instead, regular, intentional, honest interactions are the most effective way to create such opportunities. With this perspective, Don’s approach to being salt and light in Hollywood is the long game: one interaction at a time.

Life in L.A. is challenging for everyone – not just for believers. 

The high cost of living and the fiercely competitive film industry means that many are living paycheck to paycheck. Often, multiple families or 5-8 singles share a 3-bedroom apartment to make ends meet.

With that level of instability, everyone is on the alert for the next big break.

Horrifyingly, while waiting for their big break, many turn to the porn industry out of sheer desperation.  Don mourns their fate, emphasizing the desperate need for believers to influence the industry.  

“They’re just trying to live and pay their bills… They are forced into a level of slavery that they never thought they would get into.  So, as a believer, I HAVE to be a light and friend wherever I can be.” 

Point Light Pictures, Don’s production company, serves the entertainment industry with hope.

As a producer, he sets the tone and atmosphere on set. This creates a safe space for everyone involved and opens doors for direct conversations. Point Light Pictures collaborates with a wide range of clients, from non-profits to Fortune 500 companies, and has also partnered with churches and ministries to share inspiring stories and prompt gospel conversations. 

Recently, Don directed a project for Heartwood Church in northern CA, pastored by fellow TBC Alumnus Andy Springer.

On set at Point Light Pictures

Most weekends you can find Don leading the A/V team at his home church, The Church at Rocky Peak where he attends with his wife, Tricia, and their son, DJ.

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  • Bro. Schaffer has always been such an inspiration. Praying for your continued success in the Lord.


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