Increase in Internships Raises Awareness and Increases Demand for TBC Alumni

TBC student interns are in high demand

From its establishment in 1974, the college has historically been marked by not only teaching students in the classroom, but also by connecting students with real world experience opportunities so that they get a chance to “do” whatever it is they are learning in the classroom.

Through the years, alumni from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 00s can share stories of a hands-on education, where they gained real-world experience through ministry opportunities or student-teaching.

Several examples exist. For instance, counselling students obtain observation hours in real-life counselling sessions prior to graduation. Criminal Justice students can take part in an internship with the Jacksonville Sherriff’s Office (JSO) during the summer between their junior and senior year (leading to more TBC students being recruited into local law enforcement). Education students still student teach, and ministry students intern with local churches, overseas missions, and/or Trinity Ministries.

With the college expanding its programs to incorporate more Christian Liberal Arts degrees than ever before, the idea of real-world internships has expanded as well.

Additionally, Business Administration students are participating in local business internships, leading to TBC getting noticed in the City of Jacksonville.

While students intern at a variety of businesses, TBC also partners with both CoPassion and Blueprint 30 (Christian organizations that help Christian owned businesses connect internships opportunities with Christian college students) to connect students to these strategic opportunities. These special internships enable students to be mentored spiritually, while they are honing their skills in accounting or management. The result? Raised awareness for TBC in the local community.

Additionally, the incredible performance of the TBC students who have taken part in these internships has led to requests from the market for more TBC students to intern.

Business internships have also positively impacted student placement after graduation.

In short, whether students are studying to be future pastors, teachers, worship leaders, law enforcement professionals, business workers, counselors, or more; real-world experience is still a huge component of a TBC education, and the increase in internships is raising awareness and increasing demand for TBC graduates. The need for Christians in all of these vocations is great. May God use TBC alumni in these platforms to further His Kingdom!       

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