Hurricane Safety Information

In the state of Florida, the potential for dealing with a hurricane does exist. As a parent of one of our students, Trinity Baptist College wants you to know that we have carefully thought through the situations that a hurricane may present and we are committed to the safety and well-being of our students. Though we do not wish for this situation, it is our desire that proper planning and preparation for this type of event would allow us to respond accordingly and effectively communicate information to both our students and their families should the threat of a hurricane prove imminent.


In the Event of a Hurricane:

1. “The Cone of Uncertainty”- The National Hurricane Center (NHC) uses different models to track the projected path of hurricanes and tropical storms. This projected path is often referred to as “The Cone of Uncertainty”. This cone, along with the projected path of the hurricane, normally extends out over a 3-5 day period so that advance warning of potential danger can be possible.

2. If the projected path of a hurricane or tropical storm has the potential of impacting the Jacksonville, FL area we would allow our dormitory students to follow the wishes of their parents as to whether they should remain on campus or come home. Parents should feel free to contact the Student Services Department with questions related to making the appropriate decision.

3. Should you wish for your child to leave campus and return home, please have them fill out a curfew notification using the following link. CNF - Curfew Notification Form ( Students should be aware that traffic flow leaving and re-entering the Jacksonville area will be heavy and should expect extended delays.

4. As the path of the hurricane/storm becomes more certain, a decision will be made as to when/if we will move remaining resident students to the “H” Building on the main side of Trinity’s campus. This building is our designated hurricane shelter and is also accessible to food and beverages. Adequate supervision would be provided during this time and all meals would be served as normal. The “H” building and several others on Trinity’s campus have been designated by the city of Jacksonville as Hurricane Evacuation Shelters.

5. Frequently monitoring of information provided by the NHC will take place throughout this time and appropriate decisions will be made by the administration based on this information. Parents will be kept up-to-date on weather conditions and decisions made by the administration via this college website.

6. Hurricanes are classified into five categories based on their wind speed, central pressure, and damage potential. Hurricanes which are Category (3) and higher are considered major hurricanes, though Categories One and Two are still extremely dangerous and warrant your full attention.

For More Information

Additional helpful information concerning hurricanes and issues related to hurricanes can be found at NOAA’s National Hurricane Center website

Help? Questions?

For general questions about Trinity Baptist College’s hurricane policies and procedures, please contact Jeremiah Stanley, Vice President of Student Affairs, at 904-859-7771 (cell)

Hurricane FAQs

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