Learning to Fight from Victory

Shannon (Bowen) Foldy is a 2004 Secondary Education graduate of Trinity Baptist College.   A talented singer, she travelled with the Aletheians (TBC’s former traveling singing team) for two years as a TBC student.  It was during her college years that she discovered she had a gift for writing as well.  However, it was only until recently that she began to contemplate how best to leverage that gift for the spiritual betterment of fellow-believers.

Throughout her life Shannon has battled periods of severe anxiety and depression. 

She says that she learned to “fight” during one particularly difficult season that she refers to as “the dark time” of her life, she sought advice from both the pastoral and medical perspectives.  Suspecting that there was a spiritual element to her circumstances Shannon was averse to trying methods that would amount to a temporary band-aid on a deep issue. She began to seek God in a more purposeful and methodical way than she ever had before.  It was then that she began to see God work in her life and open her eyes to how certain behaviors and choices had opened the door to oppression in her life.

By searching Scripture for strength and spending thoughtful time in prayer, Shannon says she learned to fight from a position of victory against the enemy. 

It was a slow and somewhat painful process that revealed much about her inner self.  But the process brought renewed sense of joy in the victory and freedom already available through Jesus Christ.

In time, she realized that what she had learned to do was a valuable skill.

The skill of using scripture as a weapon against spiritual warfare is available to every believer, but perhaps not widely taught, acknowledged, or understood. 

Compelled to share with others who may be in the same fight, Shannon discovered a sacred purpose for her writing ability. 

The result is her newly published Bible study book, “Armed: Learning To Fight The Way God Intended”.

Shannon says her book is, “…a depiction of how God has taught me to fight spiritually.  I’ve had bouts of anxiety, experienced post-partum depression after each baby, and childhood trauma has reared its head throughout my life.  …it is because the enemy pinpoints our weaknesses and then he pounces…”

In “Armed”, she emphasizes the importance of recognizing that our main battle is a spiritual one. Recognizing the root of the cause for what it is will help us to be proactive instead of reactive to the enemy’s attacks.

“All aspects of our lives are tied to the fact that we are spiritual beings.  That part has to be right before anything else can truly heal.  If you have this area of weakness, more than likely you will always have it. But you can learn how to fight!”

Shannon’s biggest hope is that “Armed” will teach others a biblical strategy that will help them gain freedom from anxiety and depression. 

She believes that a diagnosis of depression does not have to be a pronouncement of doom, but instead it can be the starting point of new-found strength and victory by learning how to fight biblically. 

You can order a copy of “Armed” on Amazon here, or contact Shannon directly at shannonfoldy4@gmail.com.

Devin and Shannon Foldy and family
Photo by McKeeby Photography

Shannon is married to Devin Foldy, and together they have three children.  They live in Newnan, GA, where they own and operate Black Bear Axe Throwing.  Shannon says their company has opened up a whole new avenue of ministry they didn’t realize existed prior to owning a business. Their family business is growing and they have recently expanded to a second location in nearby Fayetteville, GA.  They look forward to building more connections that allow them to share the gospel in their communities!

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