TBC Students Join the Fight to #EndIt

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Rachel White, Executive Director of Her Song Jacksonville

This Wednesday in student body chapel, guest speaker Rachel White, founder of Her Song Jacksonville, will address the sobering social issue of human trafficking.

Without question, this topic is gut-wrenching.  It is tempting to shrink from its reality because the thought that such evil exists is beyond repulsive.  As it should be.  However, that repulsion should propel us to act, not to retreat into willing ignorance.

Each statistic represents a precious human being – like you — who is being used, abused, and even tortured day after day.   For many (arguably, all) who find themselves caught in its clutches, hope seems completely out of sight.  Who better than a Christian to be equipped and on a constant alert for those who are most desperately in need of hope – physically as well as spiritually?

That is why students, faculty, and staff of TBC are encouraged to get involved at whatever level they can, starting with Wednesday’s chapel session.

Stephen Gant, Student Body Chaplain

Stephen Gant (senior and Student Body Chaplain at TBC) explains that the purpose of the chapel session on February 12 is to get students to understand how wide-spread the human trafficking problem really is, to equip them with a basic knowledge and skill set that will empower them to make a difference, and to challenge them to join the fight against it.  “She [Posze] will be sharing demographics and statistics on a global scale to give our students a perspective of what human trafficking really is and tips to help identify people who have been trafficked.  It’s actually easier than you would think if you know what to look for.”

This chapel session coincides perfectly with the End It Movement’s world-wide campaign to bring awareness to human trafficking.  On Thursday, February 13 (the day after our student body chapel), the #EndItMovement takes center stage on social media with a human trafficking awareness campaign that you may have noticed before: a big, bold, red “X” on the palm or back of the hand.

Stephen explains, “The idea is that people all over the world – the people who are involved with this campaign – will be posting, so it’s bringing awareness to human trafficking.”

Hannah Poole, Student Body President

At the close of chapel, Student Body President Hannah Poole will give a short briefing on the End It Movement and students who wish to participate in this awareness campaign effort will be encouraged to mark their own hand, take a photo, and post it with #EndItMovement.

You can learn more about the End It Movement at https://enditmovement.com/

Rachel White is the Executive Director and founder of Her Song Jacksonville, a local organization that exists to provide safety and care to human trafficking victims.   Learn more about Her Song Jacksonville by visiting their website: https://www.hersongjax.org/

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